Is It Worth Repairing Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are used in almost every building and most houses for safety reasons. Fire sprinklers are quite expensive to install but once installed they can give service for more than 15 years without replacements.


This sprinkler system can successfully prevent any fire breakouts. They need monitoring and scheduled inspections to keep up working efficiently. But let’s see if they are worth replacing or not.


Signs If Your Fire Sprinkler Is Broken


A fire sprinkler can over time get damaged and become faulty. There are some things that to look for to know if it is time for a replacement. A fire sprinkler has different parts to work properly, are switches, pipes, and gauges.


These parts require inspection and if any of these parts are damaged then the fire sprinklers become faulty. A monthly or weekly inspection is required to notice any damaged part. If any part shows signs of corrosion then it might fail to perform.


Also, check for damages on pipes that can indicate the pipe can leak. Testing the pipe is required to make sure there is no leakage. If the pipe leaks, replace it immediately.


Fire sprinkler heads have a long life span and don’t need many replacements. Keeping a record of inspection is a must to know which parts are replaced.

Choosing A Good Fire Sprinkler System

The fire sprinkler is chosen based on the building requirements. The square foot, usage, risk of fire outbreaks, cost, occupancy, space, building usage all these factors are checked to determine the sprinklers. Engineers that work on the building plan can easily advise a decent fire sprinkler system.


Fire sprinklers should be top quality and proper for the building’s purpose. There are different materials used in fire sprinklers. A steel frame system is best as it is a high tolerance and extremely safe to use. Some sprinklers are made of copper or PVC plastics that can be less costly. Installing a high prized system will fulfill protection for decades.


There are different types of systems like wet pipes, dry pipes, and deluge systems. If the building is commercial that can handle water damage then it is safe to install a wet pipe system.


If the building is located in a cool place that can freeze the pipes, Then installing a dry pipe system is safer. wet pipes provide high-speed water as they are pressurized with air.


Deluge systems are used in places that can be easily flammable. This system activates quickly with alarms that eliminate the risk of the fire getting out of control.

Is It Good To Repair Your Fire Sprinkler System?

A fire sprinkler is quite expensive to install. Fixing a fire sprinkler is also a must to avoid any fire damage. Monitoring and inspection is a great way to sustain a fire sprinkler system for years.


A fire sprinkler part that is damaged should be replaced. A fire outbreak can cause a lot of damage and danger to lives. If the building is multi-story offices or a highly occupied place then fixing its fire sprinkler system is a safer option.