Natural History Museum In Los Angeles CA . is one of the most visited museum in Southern California. The Museum located at 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles , CA 90007. This place attracts million visitors every year and was founded on 10th February 1913.

Natural History Museum In Los Angeles has a big collection of dinosaurs, insects, animal specimens and many other thing which will amaze you for sure. Here we are sharing some of the amazing pictures of Natural History Museum In Los Angeles:

1: Dinosaur Hall:

Dinosaur hall is located at third floor and here you can find all types of dinosaur skeletons replica like T Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops etc. The size of each skeleton replica clearly saying about its living size back then. It’s quite amazing and breath taking to see those giant and fearsome dinosaurs.

2: Insect Zoo Hall:

Insect zoo hall is located at 4th floor where you can find all types of insects related things like live butterflies, scorpion, tarantula, bees etc. It also have many other creatures which are quite scary but very astonishing for kids. You will definitely love this place if you are an insect lover or want to learn something new about them. There is a small touch zone with some live turtles and crabs too so your kid must explore this zone as well with fun.

3: Whale-SKulls :

This is one of the most amazing part of museum by looking at these gigantic whale skulls designed with wall text mentioning its name and family of whales. Most of us have no idea about so many types of whale species swimming around the Earth. This section is a mind blowing one and everyone should visit this part at least once to get a better knowledge about them.

4: Gems and Minerals Hall:

Gems and minerals hall is another most visited part of museum by every visitor, here you can see all type of expensive Gems Stones inside glass display cases along with its details at wall text. Some peoples may not be interested in it but for gem lovers or someone who want to know everything from beginning then must visit this place without fail.

5: Life Through Time Gallery:

Life through time gallery which was opened on 10th February 2013 having some extinct creatures like Saber-Toothed Cats, American Lions, Dire Wolves etc.