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During the last weekend of June, the fourth Terminal Music & Arts Festival will transform Sombor into a unique oasis of art and entertainment. To escape into the world of sensuality and extraordinary beauty, step on one of the stages that will this year again host musicians from all over the world. Terminal Music & Arts Festival is a gathering place for musicians, visual artists/painters, festival audience and citizens of Sombor. The main idea of the festival is to revive and internationalize the cultural scene of Sombor and influence the development of civic awareness through arts and music happenings, such as educational workshops, public lectures and discussions. This nourishes interaction between festival artists and visitors, where both parties become enriched by unique experience of transfer of ideas, feelings and above all creative energy. In the first three editions of the festival, the audience had an opportunity to listen to the legendary Roy Ayers – the founder of neo-soul genre; Jojo Mayer, one of the most significant drummers of the modern music era; Israeli jazz star Avishai Cohen; a funk legend Amp Fiddler in his performance with the unusual Stuart Zender and the Austrian cult trip-hop bend Sofa Surfers. With such lineups Sombor undoubtedly gained remarkable freshness and entered into a new dimension of cultural heritage.

Terminal Music & Arts Festival 2019 will be marked by performances of RY X, currently one of the greatest names of indie music scene, as well as a world renowned author and singer Nneka. Late Night Stage, in its unique nature setting, will host the representatives of electro scene, such as Glauco di Mamboro, Megablast, Uone and Ayamoon. Terminal Music & Arts Festival persists in its vision to develop and promote art, culture and creativity, creates bonds between visitors and performers, and foster inspiration, adventure… This year also, all the visitors can attend painting exhibitions, open air movie projections, day time jam sessions, public lectures and music and painting workshops.

28th and 29th Jun 2019. – Terminal Music & Arts Festival


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Venture into a better reality – be a part of Terminal!!

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